Bio-Reveal SystemSURE Plus™ ATP Luminometer
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The SystemSURE Plus™ luminometer is at the heart of the Bio-Reveal real-time contamination detection system. With stunning accuracy, portability and simplicity, the SystemSURE Plus™ is the perfect too for rapid assessment of ATP levels, resulting in faster product turn-around times, safer environments and reduced liability.

KEY FEATURES: Bio-Reveal SystemSURE Plus™ Luminometer:
- Alpha-Numeric sample location programming
- Dimensions (approx.): 0.57lbs, 7x3x1 inches
- Detects Down to 1 Femtomole of ATP
- Self-Contained and Aseptic
- Programmable Pass/Fail Levels
- Stores up to 1000 Individual Test Results
- 250 Programmable Test Locations
- Battery Powered (Standard AA)
- 1000-2000 Tests Per Battery/Charge
- No Data Loss if Battery or Power Failure
- Range of Instrument Reading: 0-9999 RLUs
- Warm-Up Time (Self-Calibration): 60 Seconds
- Produces Test Results in 15 Seconds
- Durable (Withstand 1M Drop Test)
- Results Displayed in RLUs or Icons (Pass/Fail/Caution)
- Warning Signal for: Low Battery, Memory and Re-Calibration

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Bio-Reveal SystemSURE Plus™ ATP Luminometer

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